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How do I change the mailing address, spelling, name, etc. on my property tax bill?
The Property Appraiser's Office is responsible for maintaining and correcting billing information for each property record. Each year the property records are certified to the Tax Collector for collection. By law, the Tax Collector is prohibited from making corrections to a certified property tax record. Please contact the Property Appraiser to request any address, spelling, or billing corrections. The Property Appraiser website is
Why do you charge a credit card transaction "convenience fee"? 
We are aware some taxpayers like the option of paying via credit card.  There is a fee of 2.5% of the total transaction to use a credit card as payment. This fee is charged by the credit card processing vendor. Neither the City of Jacksonville nor the Tax Collector’s Office receives any portion of this fee. You can avoid the fee by mailing in your payment (check or money order) or by paying at one of our nine branches with check or cash.
How can I get a copy of my deed?
The Clerk of Court maintains all deed records.  Their website is
Can I make a payment online if my taxes are delinquent?
Delinquent Property Taxes can be paid online with a credit card (2.5% transaction fee), e-checks are not accepted for Delinquent Property Taxes.
Why did my tax bill increase/decrease?
The Tax Collector is responsible for collecting the taxes.  The Property Appraiser is responsible for determining the amount of taxes due. The Property Appraiser determines each property’s value and applies exemptions as eligible. Taxes increase or decrease due to a change in values, exemptions, and/or millage rates. Each August the Property Appraiser sends a “Truth in Millage (TRIM) Notice” to each property owner. This notice provides a detailed breakdown of the property’s value, exemptions, etc. If you feel there is a discrepancy with the TRIM notice, please contact the Property Appraiser at
How can I see if there are municipal liens on an account?
To view active municipal liens (Nuisance and Demolition, i.e.) for a particular parcel, please enter the account number here.

The Special Lien Improvement Book can be found at the bottom of the Data Requests page.  This includes the 2021 DVI Assessment and the 581 Hospital Liens. The Special Lien Improvement Book is updated regularly and is in an Excel format.  
What do the exemption codes mean?
Click here to view the complete listing of exemption codes.  The Property Appraiser is responsible for applying exemptions to each parcel.  If you feel there is an error with your exemptions, contact the Property Appraiser at
My escrow (mortgage) information isn’t correct, what should I do?
If you pay your taxes through an escrow account, the mortgage company is required to request your bill from the Tax Collector each year. As a property owner, you will receive a Do Not Pay Notice in November. This notice looks similar to a tax bill and contains all of your tax information and the name of the mortgage company that requested your bill. The words "Do Not Pay -Informational Notice Only" will be displayed both the top portion of the notice and the stub.  If you have escrowed your taxes and received a regular tax bill, you will need to contact your mortgage company immediately. If you do not escrow your annual property taxes and you received a Do Not Pay Notice in error, you may remit payment using the stub included with the notice.
Mortgage companies submit their billing roll to the Tax Collector once a year. If you find the mortgage company listed on your tax record is incorrect, please contact your CORRECT mortgage company to ensure they have your account listed in their billing file. Florida law places the responsibility of knowing your property taxes are due and have been paid on the property owner.
Have my taxes been paid? Can I get a payment receipt?
You can view up-to-date payment information on our website under the Property Tax Search.  To confirm taxes have been paid on a parcel, the If Paid By amount will reflect zero and the payment details will be reflected as shown below.  To print a receipt for payment click the Print link at the top of the page.

Can I pay my tax bill in installments?
We do offer an installment plan. This plan breaks up your payments into quarterly installments due in June, September, December, and March. For additional information and eligibility criteria for the installment plan click here.
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