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New Resident Information

Florida residency information can be found at:
What to update:
  • Driver License or Identification card (non-driver)
  • Titles to Motor Vehicles, Trailers, Off-Highway Vehicles, Vessels, and Mobile Homes
  • License Plate & Registration
  • Auto Insurance
  • Voter Registration
  • Homestead Exemption
Driver License
You must obtain a valid Florida driver license within 30 days of establishing residency to drive on Florida roads. You may be considered a resident of Florida when you:
  • Have started in employment or engaged in a trade, profession, or occupation in this state.
  • Have enrolled your children in the public schools of this state.
  • Have registered to vote in this state.
  • Have filed for homestead exemption on property in this state.
  • Have lived in this state for a period of more than six consecutive months.
Applications for new driver licenses or identification cards must be made in person.  There are nine Duval County Tax Collector offices in Jacksonville for this service, and other local offices throughout the state. When applying for a Driver License, you will be required to pass a vision test. Depending on your status you may have to take a written knowledge and/or road skills test. For more information:
To comply with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security REAL ID law, the information required for licensure can be found at:

The fee for an initial Florida Class E license (including learner’s permit) is $48.00, a commercial driver license (CDL) is $75.00, and endorsements are $7.00 each. The fee for an ID Card is $25.00. Most local Tax Collector offices also charge a $6.25 service fee. For a complete list of driver license fees see:
The Official Florida Driver License Handbook is available at:
In English:
In Spanish:
Titles and Registration/Tags for Vehicles, Vessels, and Mobile Homes
You must register your vehicle(s), vessel(s), and mobile home(s) within 10 days of establishing Florida residency.

An out-of-state vehicle title must be submitted as proof of ownership. The application for Florida title is FLHSMV Form 82040:
This form and the transaction can be completed at any Duval County Tax Collector’s Office which will submit to the FLHSMV for approval and recording.  The Duval County Tax Collectors Office offers an option for pre-payment to avoid a second trip to our office if, for example, you must wait to receive a title from a lienholder.
If the out-of-state vehicle has an active lienholder and the title is unavailable, we will need the lienholder’s complete mailing address, current out-of-state vehicle registration, proof of Florida vehicle insurance, driver license or ID, and any additional documentation needed such as military orders and/or power of attorney for an un-accompanying owner of the vehicle.
The Application for Title must be completed and accompanied by verification of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) (section 8 on the form) and odometer reading by a county tax collector employee, a licensed Florida Dealer, a Military Police Officer, or any sworn law enforcement officer. 
If the vehicle was purchased and registered less than six months ago, a bill of sale or proof of sales tax paid, must be submitted. Additional Florida sales tax may be collected, if applicable.
If your out-of-state registration has expired or is due to expire within 30 days, you may purchase a 30-day temporary license plate for $5.00 with proper documentation.
The first time a license plate is purchased for a motor vehicle in Florida, a $225.00 Initial Registration Fee may be imposed. This fee applies to private automobiles, motor homes and trucks weighing less than 5,000 pounds.
You may complete this process via mail by submitting all necessary documentation to:
                                                Duval County Tax Collector
                                                Attention: Title Services     
                                                231 E. Forsyth Street, Room 100
                                                Jacksonville, Florida 32202
A vessel must be titled in Florida or documented with the US Coast Guard to be registered. To issue a Florida Certificate of Title, the owner of the vessel must bring a valid out-of-state title, or other proof of ownership including a complete description of the vessel, including manufacturer’s name, year, type, hull material, propulsion, fuel, use of vessel, hull identification number and length, and the appropriate fee.  A schedule of fees and rules can be accessed at:
Note: Boat/utility trailers that need to be registered must have the empty weight of the trailer listed on the registration or a certified weight slip will be required.
If a weight is needed these private companies will weigh your vehicle:

Baldwin I-10 Travel Center
I-10 at US301 - 32234
(904) 266-4281 x 4
Berman Brothers, Inc.
2500 Evergreen Ave. - 32206
(904) 353-3694 x 270
Old Kings Rd Landfill
8540 Old Kings Rd. N. - 32219
(904) 768-5363
Read’s Moving Systems
6411 Philips Hwy. - 32216
(904) 733-2626
Shaw’s Land Clearing
2762 W Beaver St. - 32254
(904) 387-1804
TA Travel Center
I-95 at CR 210 (Exit 329) - 32259
(904) 829-3946 x 3
Voter Registration
A Florida Driver license or Florida ID is required to register to vote. You may register to vote when conducting any transaction at the Tax Collectors Office.
General information on registering to vote can be found at:
Homestead Exemption and Florida Taxes
The Florida Homestead Exemption is among the most beneficial in the US and includes a provision called “Save Our Homes” that limits increases in taxable value.  Information and applications are available at the Duval County Property Appraiser’s website at:
General information about the Florida tax system can be found at:
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